Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hi Neighbor!!

In addition to The Tree That I Hate losing its leaves so I can see the world around me once again, Fall brings dark so my neighbors turn on their lights! My just across the street neighbor who moved in just as the days got longer and the tree got leaves - so I haven't really 'met' him yet - is in his kitchen making breakfast. Hi, guy! It's me, your nosy neighbor!!

My swim this morning was good. Doing the full 1800 was not a problem at all today. Unlike last Monday, I had the pool mostly to myself. The gym didn't open until 5:05. They are changing morning desk people again. Apparently, in addition to getting the gym open at 5, they want the morning desk people to also do their bill collecting phone calls and this is what's driving them all away. I don't really care as long as they open at 5 or even a little early.

Today's job is to make my now annual call to Seattle City Light. I use their Budget Billing Plan so I'll have the same amount deducted every month. Their estimating system and their billing system are apparently two different systems. I currently pay $88 a month and at the end of the year (this month) I have paid $58 too much. But, I got a letter Saturday saying that my plan has been recalculated and now they will charge me $144 a month. Their estimating system thinks I now pay $88 twice a month and they are dropping that down to $77 twice a month. But, their billing system only bills once a month. So I'll call today and get it fixed. Last year I got a really nice guy. If I get any flack this year, I'll just opt out of the plan and pay whatever the raw amount is.

Edit: Called at 9:15 on a Monday morning and the call was answered immediately by a live person who turned out to be even nicer than last year's guy. Problem fixed in less than 5 mins. Monthly charge for electricity is now $72. I can live with that!

My brother moves into his new house today. He kindly set up his Nest cam in the living room so I can watch the action.

I'm pretty much caught up on all the new TV shows and I have to say I'm kind of impressed. While I'm not wild about all the new ones, there are enough to keep me entertained. FBI, which I was on the fence about with episode 1, got substantially better for me with episode 2. None of the new shows have so far been cancelled and several have already gotten renewed. Usually at least one or two have been shot to death by the networks by now. Interesting.

No other special plans for today. I'll walk around the block but that may be it for big thrills. I'm saving all my inthecar errands for Wednesday when the house cleaner is here.

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