Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


At 8, the gym opened. At 8:03, there was one swimmer. Me. At 8:05 pool was packed. At 8:55, there was one swimmer. me. One of the crowd, was a woman who's name I know and have forgotten. My friend, Barrie used to call her Chatty Cathy because she never shuts the fuck up. She hasn't been there in more than a year but she was back today! And she was pissed about the crowd. Do us all a favor, honey, come at 9 or even 9:30. You, me, the rest of the crowd, we'd all be happier.

A quick dip into Trader Joe's and then home. Laundry is laundrying and I'm finishing my coffee. I have a bunch of little things that need doing and then I want to finish up some sewing projects and tidy up the room before I start on my latest shirt.

A lot of sewers plan out their projects and cut out the fabric for a bunch of items at once and then sew them up later. I tried it with pants the last time I got fabric. I cut out about 5 pair at once. Turns out this does not work for me. I'm a one sewing project from start to finish kind of gal. I like to finish up, put everything away and tidy up the room and then start on the next.

So today I'll sew up that last pair of pants, put everything away and clean up the room and start from fresh.

The rest of the day will be the usual yarn work and TV. There's nothing going on in the stadiums or 'hood so I could easily go out somewhere and I should because tomorrow is a home Seahawks game and going out will not be an option but, really, no interest. I'm happy here.

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