Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm no longer invisible!!!

I wore my dinosaur shirt today. It's warm and comfortable and has pockets. Win win win.


I got some stuff done here and then went to Costco. I got a nice walk in and made my return. (Soooo easy and fast.) And then walked around the store. There was a bottleneck back at the meat department and while I was standing there waiting for the crowd to move, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and there was this old guy with a twinkle in his eye who said "I'll bet your grandchildren picked out your blouse!" We had a good laugh about that.

Then over in the coffee section a Costco couple were stacking inventory and as I walked by, he said "I love your shirt." and she whipped around with an actual "OMG that is amazing!!

I got a couple of other compliments on it on the way out the door. It was such fun, I thought about going back in and doing it all again!

I did stop and get a hot dog for lunch. So yum. Then a woman next to me sat down with a nice looking bowl of chili. They have a new, really easy system for ordering food. If you want (it's optional) you can go over to a bank of screens order the food you want and stuff your credit card in and get a number. Then you walk up to the no line window and give them your number and get the food. VERY fast and VERY easy. So when I finished my hot dog I went back and got chili and brought it home.

So now I have two delicious dinner options! Beef Strog or chili. Nice.

I got gas and I got the car washed.

When I got home, my brother called. He was at the new house with the Nest cam so I got a tour! Very fun. The house looks very nice but as even he admitted, it is, right now, as nice as it will ever look because tomorrow, she'll be filling it up with all her shit and it will be claustrophobia city. He's got one room that is his and his alone. It's all the space he needs and he says as long as he has sanctuary, he can deal. It would drive me right up the wall.

I got my new shirt pattern put together and altered for me and then cut out the fabric. As I was finishing that I got a text that USPS had delivered my package.

So I went down to get it. Only they had not delivered my package or anyone else's. Nor had they delivered the mail. Weird. I worried for a while. I have two things I'm expecting via USPS. One is imodium from Humana pharmacy (I get $50 worth of over the counter stuff a quarter so when I get low on stuff like that I just order from them. Free is a price I like).

The other is the Mariner swag from the second half of the season.

If USPS loses my free imodium, I will not suffer - no biggie at all.

If USPS loses my swag, major BFD. Finally I figured out how to check for sure - and did so. YES!!! The package that was "delivered" but not really was the one from Humana. Whew. If it shows up great. If not. Whatever.

Looks like the swag won't get here much before next week, which is fine. I can wait.

I did see what looked like a good deal on a Samsung tablet. The deal is good 'while supplies last' or until 10/13. The Google hardware announcement is Tuesday (the 9th). I want to see what they are putting on the table before I buy anything else. But this gives me time. So yeah.

I keep trying to post the pool selfie every morning and I keep forgetting.

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