Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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Customer Service

Today's swim was a particularly good one. Two days now I have had problems at the beginning of my swim with not having enough breath. Today was the second day that I've tried using my albuterol inhaler before heading out to the gym and today there were no issues. So I guess we'll just keep doing that. Good to find a solution and such an easy one.

Also this was day number 2 of private swim. There was one guy who came in half way through my swim. I don't mind sharing lanes and enjoy seeing other swimmers, especially the regulars, but having a private pool once in a while is kind of fun.

Tonight is a big concert in the football stadium. They have the portapotty room all set up. The stadium has enough bathrooms, I think, for crowds that fill the stands. But when the crowd also fills the field, more pee spots are needed and they create a Pee Village off to the side. For some reason that always amuses me.

The concert is Beyonce and Jay-Z. It will be interesting to see the kind of crowd they attract. It doesn't start til after 7 so the traffic issues won't be a problem for me.

I do plan to go out but way earlier. I'm going to combine my walk with a Costco return. I generally wouldn't bother but I bought some granola bars there last time that are just inedible. I'm taking them back. Costco is very nice about this. So it enables me to try their stuff when I might not. Usually I like it but once in a while...

I'll park in the farthest lot so there will be walking. Then I'll get gas and a car wash there while I'm at it.

Amazon has this handy new-ish drop off place for order returns. It's totally free and very easy. BUT their system has a problem with the process. If you return a package via USPS or UPS, you get the refund as soon as the package hits the carrier's system. Dropping it off, I don't know when you ever get it. You get an email receipt immediately but that's it. Each time, I have to go in and send an email or initiate a chat to get the refund. It's kind of annoying. I know from past experience that they will get it figured out I'd just wish they would hurry.

One perk of dropping it off is that the dropoff spot is also where you go to pick up your Amazon Fresh groceries. Often they have a box of bananas out with an invitation to take one. Free bananas!!!

But my real customer service frustration is with I've done business with this site in the past and been delighted with their selection, their prices, their service. I've even exchanged emails with them over an issue. They were quick and pleasant and reasonable.

I filled in their web form with a question 3 days ago. I got an automated reply with a service ticket and then nothing. Not a word. I was asking a question about how to place a particular order. The order is kind of big-ish money wize and I don't want to fuck it up. But, at the rate I'm getting service here, it looks like I'm going to have to find a new vendor. Sad trombone.

Today, it's chilly enough out to have the outside access shut off. So, for the first time since last winter, I have complete silence in here and it's deafening! No air conditioner, no traffic/street noise, nothing. It's so quiet that it's loud.
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