Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Like an old friend

13 Coins (a favorite restaurant which happens to be two blocks away) only serves beef stroganoff on Wednesdays. I have missed a fair amount of Wednesdays recently. Between weather too hot to leave the air conditioned condo and baseball games to go to or watch, I haven't even been in 13 Coins in a month.

But, tonight I went in for an early dinner of strog and OMG. It is so good. Just so good. They serve too much for one dinner and usually exactly enough for two but tonight I caught myself eating tomorrow's dinner! I stopped in time but it was close.

I got good sewing done today - a sweater finished and a top started. My after lunch walk turned out to be up to the fabric shop to get thread. I like a walk much better when it has a purpose.

Now I'm settled in with my knitting. Zoey is on her couch. Time for some TV.
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