Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No out of breath issues with my swim today. Tomorrow I'll try it without albuterol. Maybe yesterday was really a one off.

I got a note from the building manager asking if they could come look at my terrace today. The guy downstairs had another leak. Sure, come look for the 579735th time. Don't fix the 3 foot square hole you created six months ago OR fix the internal damage to my wall/window frame or even tell me when you might consider doing any of that. But, come look.


All that TV watching I did yesterday finally got me finishing the crochet project I've been working on forever. I need to go back and weave in all the yarn ends and then take pictures. I enjoyed doing it and do hope it will be practical and wearable.

I have three crochet projects in mind next. I want to make colorful table runners for two hallway credenzas and a flower arrangement for the fireplace which is right now covered in black felt.

My knitting project is also on it's final leg.

Good tv to watch means I get a lot of yarn work done!

Also finished today will be the yellow jacket. I dreamed up some finishing touches today during my swim and my plan is to get them all done today.

My goal of not buying any more patterns was sabotaged today when one of my favorite independent pattern companies released a really neat new top pattern.

Oh well.

Katie at the cable company, did, indeed, remove all but the basic TV package from my plan. I now have ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS. There's also one Canadian channel in non HD and one local access channel. And that's it. It feels very 70's. But with a nice simplicity. Of course, I also have Amazon, Acorn and Netflix so there is plenty to watch.

I started the latest Robert Galbaith novel last night. Galbraith is the pseudonym that JK Rowling uses. (Seems like she could have come up with a far more clever name but ok.) I never got more than 20 pages into a Harry Potter book but I was a fan of Robert Gailbaith before I knew who he really was. I do enjoy her story telling.

Oh and I finally got around to making an appointment with the eye doctor for a check up. Go me. The 17th.

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