Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

check check check

I fixed that stupid cable in the bathroom. It's now such fun to go pee and not see that flaming TODO staring me in the face.

The junk drawer is still full of junk but I did throw some out, cleaned the divider, and at least got it a little more organized.


I made great headway on my hoodie. I need to add the hood and add the sleeves and then all done. I think I might add some crochet decoration to it after I'm done.

Then I went up the road to the Amazon Drop Off location to leave a return. On the way home I finally remembered to stop at that bagel place and try their lox sandwich. Someone posted a picture on Instagram and I could see that they do it the right way - cream cheese, onion, tomato, capers and lox. Nothing else, nothing weird just the requirements and all of them.

I stopped and got one. It was a painless process and fairly quick. (And they have an app that may make it even more quick.) I brought it home to eat. And it passed my rigorous test. The only thing I might ding it on would be too much lox but I'd never ding it on that. Excellent test results.

And then I walked. Not far and not long but better than nothing. I hate walking.


Now I'm going to get to work on that est while I finish watching Gray's Anatomy. It turned out to be a twofer and hit up against my bedtime last night.

I try to remember to add my swim selfie every day and forget mostly.

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