Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The weekenders were gone from the pool but the weekdayers were there in force. The first 30 minutes of my swim was in a packed pool. Serious lap swimmers and, interestingly, all women. By the time I finished the crowd had thinned out considerably and the guy who always comes in at 6 was there to represent for testosterone. It was a good swim.

But, the first 75 yards were tough. I was out of breath. And had to stop to breathe. This never happens and I don't like it one bit. I caught up with breathing and then started up again focused on steady in and out with emphasis on out. Dr. Lung told me once that COPD folks do better if they can totally empty out their lungs before breathing in so when I run into trouble, I focus on that.

I think tomorrow I'll take a hit off the albuterol inhaler before I hit the pool and see if I can make this morning's issue a one off. It could be just lack of exercise.

So today starts the fix for that. Every single day - probably just after lunch - I will go for a walk. Minimum around the block. Today's walk maybe up to the baseball stadium to the free ATM. Or maybe just around the block but no more staying in the house all day. At least for the month of October.

No promises for November.

Also on today's agenda, two household chores. There's a cable in the bathroom that needs reset. It involves some cleanup of old glue. It's been bugging me for weeks but I'm never in there with the correct tools/fixes. Today that will change.

And the junk drawer in the kitchen. It needs a complete overhaul. I could not find the pizza wheel. I finally did but it took way too long. Time to haul it all out of there and then reorg what doesn't get culled.

Also there will be sewing. I have a nice hoodie in progress. And some mending to do.

Sometime this week, I want to make a Cosco run. But, it really doesn't matter when. With no baseball on the calendar, there is a lot of free time. Also far fewer days when stadium events need to be taken into consideration as far as getting the car out of the garage and back in.

A new season and I'm okdokey with that.
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