Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I was a kid, we lived in a house with a formal living room (no kids allowed except by specific invitation), a den and a family room. The den was my parents hang out spot. The family room had the TV in it.

My Dad had his chair and my Mom had hers. Next to hers was a little magazine stand with a tray on top that held her shit. Cigarettes, ashtray, pin cushion, sewing stuff, and a telephone. It always looked like a mess to me. And that was before I got picky about tidiness.

BUT, I totally get it. My TV chair is my throne and I want my shit there. I need my nail clippers, an emory board, chapstick, tissues, my tablet and charging stuff, a pen, a pad of paper, scissors, a measuring tape and other stuff. Oh and the tv and TiVo remotes! But I do not want to see that stuff, just have it within reach.

I'm forever trying out different schemes. Today, at Goodwill, I scored a wonderful table. Nicely made, heavy and substantial. Black with a small ledge near the base and it folds up for storage. $8 fucking bucks. I feel almost guilty it is such a deal.

And, I also scored a nifty little drawer thing that looks to me like it was made for slides maybe. But it's perfect for holding my shit and keeping it tidy.

So I think I may finally have my throne area built out the way I want it. Everything at hand and but in its tidy place.


(New table has the square basket and drink on it. Slide drawer thingie is under the tissue sofa on the other table.)

I also ended up making a suprise Costco run. My cleaning lady said they had a sale on coffee pods. I had just ordered some from Amazon but they weren't due for a week so I went to see and, yep, saved a petty penny and got a nice walk in the mix.

My latest tablet arrived. Nice but it's version of Android is too old for my favorite podcast app (PocketCasts). And, since this is the tablet I'll use in the sewing room to watch podcasts, that's kind of a non starter. So back it goes. I'll wait for the Google announcement and then figure something out. May be that I find a new podcast app. PocketCasts was sold recently so maybe it's time to move on anyway.

Meatloaf for dinner. Instant Pot.

Oh and one more thing. Nexcare bandaids. I love these things! They don't come off in water. (Which is also their only downside, they are sometimes hard to get off at all.) I ripped my cuticle the other day and I keep tearing it, painfully. I tried New Skin but it wasn't strong/thick enough. I finally remembered my stash of Nexcares and oh baby, so nice. They are also very bendy so you can put it on and just leave it for a day or two and let the booboo get better. I need to get endorsement $$.
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