Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

calendar confusion

For some strange reason, I cannot keep the days of this week straight. Today is house cleaner day and tomorrow is my last Diamond Club game and neither one of those days is Friday. And, yet, my brain can't seem to grok that.

When the house cleaner gets here, I'll split. To Goodwill first and then ... I need to make a dollar store run but there is not one in the path or even semi conveniently located to Goodwill and I'm not sure I'm up for a road trip. I might just go over to Grocery Outlet instead. I enjoy having spare time there to peruse the whacko stuff.

I also plan to start work on my next jacket. I made one from this pattern out of scrap fleece. I wore it the other day and there's lots to like but it needs a couple of tweaks. I scored a huge piece of yellow (the yellow of rain slickers) french terry and I plan to use that for the good version. I may get that cut out today.

Plus more TV watching and knitting and crocheting. I got a lot of the crochet done last night without my arm damage. I may switch to knitting tonight. I have a new project in mind - 3 actually. Two table runners and a flower arrangement for the fireplace. But, I don't want to even order the yarn for them until I finish these two current projects.

Time now to go get dressed and ready to hit the road when she gets here.

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