Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Tivo is patting its stomach

Finally Tivo has some new shows in the queue. Since there is still baseball all this week, that queue will grow before I can get to much of it. I like having shows in the bank.

I'm finally tired of my swimming playlist. It's time to kill about half of the 50 songs and replace them. One of today's projects.

My arm is still better. My wellness measure is when I can, once again, put deodorant on my right pit with my right hand. Right now that involves a bicep twisting motion that is still painful. But, all other movements are fine. Whew.

That sign at the gym for Thursday, Sept 30 is still up. And still making me crazy.

My robot boyfriend is MIA. I haven't seen him since last week. I hate to think I've been ghosted by a robot. But... maybe. The Guarded By Robot sign is still on the fence so maybe he's just on robot holiday.

It's not warm but not chilly enough to wear my new dino shirt. I loved getting all the online appreciation for it. It looks like it will be at least a week before it's cold enough to wear it. I have some dragon fabric so... maybe...

But, probably not today. My todo list today is little stuff. Tomorrow is the house cleaner's day so I'll be running errands then. Today is:

- water/tend to house plants
- clean up sewing room
- order more coffee
- sweep house for stuff that can be/should be put away
- online shop for new scratching post
- make new playlist

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