Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Last week they put signs up all over my gym announcing one of their friends and family open houses. On Thursday, September 30. Not only is September 30 on Sunday, but they never ever have an open house on a non-holiday weekday. I keep wanting to tell them about their error and then stop. Why? No one I ever see working there has anything to do with those signs and probably could care less about them or the open house. Do I need them to know that they are wrong and I am right? Nope. And, still, every day I see the sign and want to not only tell them how wrong they are but do it at full snark. If they don't fix that fucking signs, there's a chance I'll burst.

I am in love with my dinosaur top.


I defy anyone to invisible old lady me in this!

I found a great new fabric shop in Canada. They have knit fabrics I've never seen anywhere and their prices aren't terribly outrageous (except that I want some of all they have and that could end up being a $$ issue). I placed an order last week and it arrived today. I love all the pieces. The green and blue print is swimsuit. The other little prints are to go with other fabrics I have on hand. But, see that jigsaw piece in the back? See those colors? Those colors disappear when the fabric comes i out of the sun! It's like mood ring fabric!!!


I wonder what I'm going to make with it? I think I'm just going to hang onto it until the exact right pattern comes along.

Now I'm going to get out my knitting and finish off the 2nd season of Jack Irish. Tonight starts the new fall programming. Be good to start with a clean slate. Plus, Acorn has the 3rd season of Jack so I have a fallback if needed. That's a really good show. It's the first Australian show that's caught my fancy. Probably won't be the last.
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