Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trash talk

One of the trivial games I play on phone/tablet is Gin Rummy. The app has 6 different ranging from stupid to pretty damn good. You start with the stupid guy and move on up to Mr. Gin Rummy.

My father played gin rummy a lot. A whole lot. He had gin rummy buddies. He was a master of the game and a master of gin rummy trash talk. He taught me how to play when I was 6. He taught me the rules but also the strategy and the trash talk.

So, yeah, now, when I play those six fools on my phone, they get suprimo trash talk. No extra charge. I do crack myself up.

I made a batch of chex mix. It is the same as always but it turns out to not be my heart's desire. Have I outgrown chex mix???? Maybe it was just the first handful and it will be better tomorrow. Happily I like the cereal as cereal. I mixed up all of it and put the un treated/baked in ziplock bags. I kinda wish now that I'd left the pretzels out. But I can pick them out before I pour the milk over, I guess.

I cut out a new shirt. Dinosaur shirt with one yellow sleeve and one blue one. I think it's going to be fun looking plus I didn't have enough dinosaur fabric to do the whole shirt or enough blue or yellow to do both sleeves. Fabric economics.


The Seahawks won and the crowd was not that obnoxious and at 6:30 the crowd is nearly all gone. Not so bad.

The chicken salad I made was also mediocre. Clearly I am not a fan of my kitchen work today.

I killed an hour trying to refill prescriptions. The Humana Pharmacy site would not let me delete an invalid credit card nor add a valid one. I tried on two different computers, two different browsers and a phone app. Fortunately, I'm a good 6 weeks from actually needing the refills. I figured I'd just go ahead and get them and then have all the drugs I need til January when Medicare starts paying for them again. But, not today. I'll try again next week. I think I'd rather go without than call their stupid 800 number.

Otherwise lovely Sunday. Really.
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