Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nope. Nope. Nope.

I spent much of last night finishing up the vest I've been crocheting. I do not crochet ergonomically and today my upper arms, particularly the right one, is killing me. It bothered me a lot while I was swimming. I've been knitting, nearly every single day, since I was 5 so that's 65 freakin' years. No problem. Take up crochet and OWIE!

Clearly I need to make a change. Maybe it's as simple as a pillow under my elbow. We'll be trying different things. And, it turns out, I think I need another two inches or so on the bottom of the vest. Maybe. I need to fasten up the last side and do some trying on.

After my swim, I went to a coffee shop near the pool. A baker I follow on Instagram announced she was having a pop up shop there today at 9:30. I got there at 9:35. No sign of pop up shop and after standing at the 'order here' window for a bit, none of the 3 guys behind the counter seemed to see me so I left.

I decided to try a little Bistro place across from Safeway. I had eaten bruch there when they first opened and was underwhelmed. Maybe they have gotten better. Er, well, maybe not. The sign on the door said they are closing for good and moving on with their lives.

I went to Safeway and picked up a few things and by then it was 10 am. There's a barbecue place between there and home that has started serving weekend brunch. I'd never been because they didn't start til 10 and by that time I was home or somewhere else. I pulled into their parking lot to discover that, apparently, things have changed. The sign says open for lunch at 11.

I get the message. I came home and fried up a couple of eggs and some bacon and made toast. Done.

There are 8 more baseball games for the Mariners to play this season but they are clearly done and over it. Last night they played a team that is so bad they had just, earlier in the day, fired their manager with only a week and a half left to go. But, hey, they were still good enough to be beating us 8-2 when the rains came and they called the game done. Yep. We can put a fork in it.

At Safeco, I picked up the fixin's for some chex mix. I love the stuff but I love it my way. Wheat, Rice, Corn chex cereal and pretzels. No peanuts. No funny stuff. Just the basics. I'll be making up a batch maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

I do think I'll finish up that hooded jacket today. I've now got other things I need to make.

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