Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And it's another weekend

It must be annoying as hell to hear retired people bitch about weekends. I'd actually be fine with them if the damn pool didn't wait until mid-mornings to open on weekends. But, alas, the last pool I found that opened earlier on weekends gave me pneumonia. So for that and other reasons I'll shut up.

I did make great progress on my hooded coat/jacket thing. I think it's going to work fine. The only fleece I had on hand that I wasn't saving for something fun, was some navy and some gray. So this is a navy and gray coat - boring but I think it will work when my other hooded coat - my Mariners coat - is too over the top. I still need to put in the sleeves and finish the bottom. Tomorrow maybe.

I'm hooked on another Acorn show - Jack Irish. I have one more episode of Suits and then that will be the end for me. I spend most of the hour judging - negatively and harshly - the outfits and the rest of the time guessing - usually correctly - how the characters will respond. Clearly we've had enough of each other. Next week, I'll be cancelling the cable package that gives me whatever network Suits is on so no more. Since I usually think less of myself after watching each episode, I'm not sorry to say buh bye.

I do love the show opener.

I baked a potato that's been hanging around here for a week or so this afternoon and then cut it up an plopped it into a casserole dish. Dotted it with butter, schmered on some sour cream, sprinkled it with bacon and then topped it all off with shredded cheddar. I'll bake it with the chicken thigh I thawed for dinner. Twiced baked potato in a dish! Saw it on Instagram just this morning. I'm guessing it will be delicious.

The Mariners are playing in Texas so the game is at 5 which is perfect for me. Plus, I can squeeze in another Jack Irish episode first.
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