Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm more and more addicted to Instagram. I wouldn't touch Facebook with a 10 foot poll but Instagram? I'm there all day. I have culled out my stories feed so that it's really only a handfull of people whose stories I really enjoy. I really do appreciate those in my feed who take the time to share their video snippets. Mostly I like the ones whose lives are the opposite ends of mine - the mother of triplet girls, the rancher woman with four daughters, a restaurant and a working cattle/sheep/pig ranch, the woman in Wisconsin who does not post nearly enough but cracks me up with every entry...

My non story Instagram feed is food and knitting and sewing and crochet, lather/rinse/repeat. I love seeing the projects people do, the patterns people try, the 30 second to delicious meal videos plus the usual travel, gym, random sidewalk shots.

Pinterest always pissed me off and still does and I'm not even sure why. But Instagram is like my Good & Plenty candy. Can't get enough. I just pretend it is not owned/runned and highly curated by Facebook.

Today's project is a making a new hooded jacket. I made two hooded coats last year and both are going to Goodwill. They are close to ok but each has at least one fatal flaw so no. But I do need a hooded something that's warm. I have the pattern all tested and tweaked and ready. And some fleece. The missing bit was a large toothed separating zipper between 24 and 18 inches. And, lo and behold, in my big box o' zippers, I found one! And the right color!! There's the universe taking a stand for you. So I'll at least get the jacket cut out and the zipper in today. Maybe more.

That's the only thing on the agenda today. I probably will get out for a walk around the block. The weather is so nice. The messages I get from all around me is to get outside and go do something. I have plenty of time. Nothing stopping me. Except. Me. And my giant case of IDon'tWanna. I do feel guilty sometimes for not taking advantage of all the time time and freedom I have to go do whatever I want whenever I want. Except, turns out, what I want to do is always right here in these four walls. Part of me feels like this isn't a good plan and the rest is all fuck it, do what you want. It's an argument that I have with myself most every day. Keeps my brain exercised.
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