Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me 'n cake

My best friend at the time suggested strongly that the only reason I got married was for the cake. And, honestly, she really wasn't that far off. I love white cake with white buttercream frosting. I mean love it. And there was this amazing bakery in our town... it's actually still there and they have a website - Dewey's. I'd take my allowance in and buy one of their amazing squares - the white on white one. I'm deeply grateful that the closet Deweys to me today is 3,000 miles away.

When I got married, I, of course, got my wedding cake from Deweys and it was heaven. Way way way better than the wedding and, actually, the marriage. I was not young (30) but was an idiot. Turns out, I could have gotten the cake without even getting married!!! Oh well. Deweys, yum.

This all comes to mind today because I ordered the wrong fucking case from my new tablet. Yeah. I ordered an 8" tablet and a 10" case. doh So I am returning the case. Since the reason for the error was that I am an idiot, I pay the return shipping. BUT, because Amazon has this new thing where if you drop it off at one of their drop off places, the return shipping is free, I picked that option. There's a drop off place a mile south of here.

So then I was thinking while I'm out... I do need gas and what else? Well, nothing really. But... might this be a great time to go back to my new favorite cake bakery? (Well, favorite west coast bakery.) It's 5 miles past the Amazon drop off place so why the heck not?! It's where my 70th birthday cake will come from but I haven't decided yet which one. Right now I'm torn between the London Fog and the Brown Butter Banana Graham. I have a good 6-8 months to decide and there needs to be testing.

Yep. That's today. Return a $6 tablet case and spend $16 (and a bonanza of calories) on cake. I'm an idiot.

Also the chances of my forgetting to get gas? Really really high.

This is my second Lenovo tablet and they are really really nice. Simple, cheap-ish. They get the job done without fuss. I have a 10 inch in the bedroom. This 8 inch is almost a better size for my kind of tableting.

Oh speaking of new toys. Amazon has a launch today. I hope it's just the new Alexa stuff which does not tempt me one bit. I have enough Alexa, thank you. And I need to save my pennies for Google.

Before Amazon or bakery, I have a closet to clean. I have one section of a closet in the bedroom that is reserved for tossing shit in. It's kind of like the kitchen junk drawer for non kitchen stuff. When it gets so full that I can't find shit, I have to pull it all out, cull the crap out and reorganize the rest. Today's the day. I'm getting to the end of my toothpaste and I know there's at least one tube (and probably 12) in there but I can't find it. Today, I will find it.

Besides the bakery doesn't open til 11 so no hurry there.

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