Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My torture language

I'm always hearing about everyone's "love language". I cannot relate. But, today the phrase came to mind when I was looking for a way to express my feelings.

I made my Goodwill run and then it was 11:30. I was near Uwajimaya so I thought I'd pop in and get some poke for lunch. But, for some odd reason, Popeye's popped into my head and all I could think about was fried chicken. I was, at that moment 2 blocks from Uwajimaya and 20 minutes from Popeye's.

Ok, if there's a parking spot open, I'll do Uwajimaya's. There was one open and I went right past it and on to Popeye's. The tongue's gotta have what the tongue wants.

8 pieces, dark meat only, 2 biscuits.

And the certain knowledge that Popeye's aromatic fried chicken sitting in the seat next to me while I drive the 20 minutes home is my torture language. OMG. I could have eaten it there. But, Popeye's isn't exactly comfortable dining. I could have pulled over in a nice park and had a picnic but I didn't have anything to drink and bugs outside the car or a mess inside. So I just endured the torture and drove home.

I ate 2 legs and a thigh and a biscuit with my Diet Dr Pepper. You can come get me now, Jesus, if you want.
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