Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Miracle 1.

I stopped in Trader Joe's after my swim. Ever since they discontinued their iced cinnamon muffins that I loved, I've been looking for something that will fill the bill - small-ish, freezable, sweet, easy. I saw their chocolate iced cupcakes on Instagram and thought maybe, although, I'm not hopeful, I'll try them.

So I went to that section and started looking for the cupcakes and what to my wandering eye do I spy???? Iced Cinnamon Muffins!!!!!!! They are back!!!! Trader Joes Happy Dance. If they bring back their hollandaise sauce, I may have to reconsider my standing DNR.

And then home where I put a puck into the coffee maker and got... nothing. The light flashed and then stopped. Nada. This is the one I bought 3 weeks ago. Dead duck.

Miracle 2.

I kept the receipt and found it within the first 3 seconds of looking. This is truly amazing since I never ever keep receipts on purpose. Sometimes I can find them in the bottom of bags but mostly not. Amazon shopping has ruint me. But I bought this coffee maker at Target.

Happily, I put my old coffee maker on the shelf in the cabinet on the terrace until I could figure out what to do with it. I have now figured that out. It went back into active service where it will stay. I love the small footprint of the broken one but I love the speed and ease of use of the big one so I'll just keep it until it dies and then figure out something then.

I called Keurig. On the up side, I got to a person very quickly but I got a really lousy connection and their script has gotten way more annoying. Finally after about 15 minutes of stupid questions, I realized that the best I was going to get was a replacement. And I didn't want another one. So I told her to forget it. I'll take it back to Target. If they won't give me a refund, then I'll call Keurig back.

I guess I'll do that this morning. I don't think I'm going to lug it up to the closest Target. That's a hike and I'm not up for it. There's a Target with parking over in West Seattle. It's a lot further but what the heck, it's not like my calendar is stuffed.

This morning I got up and put on a shirt I made a couple of months ago but had not yet worn because it has long sleeves. It's my least favorite colors. Actually, it's two fabrics, both of which are my least favorites. I used them because I was testing a pattern and assumed the test would have some fail spots and so I'd never have to wear it. The test had no fails. It fits me perfectly exactly and I love it. Even with the shitty colors. They don't even go together and I don't care, I love this shirt.


I actually now have only a handful of things in my closet that I did not make. A raincoat, a jacket and two very old t-shirts that I sleep in. Everything else is made by me. It's really hard to explain the joy of slipping on something that fits so perfectly that you made your own self. Maybe it's just a fat girl thing.

Ok. I think I'll just go get this Target thing done now. Then I'll come home and watch some baseball.

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