Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Summer is Over

Just after dinner I noticed that I had not yet hit my tracker's goal today! So, I took the garbage down to the dumpster and then walked around the garage. It only took two circuits to trigger the GOAL!!!! icon on the watch. So whew.

When I got upstairs, I decided that it was time to put the air conditioner away for the winter. There was a little water collected in it which I drained. I wiped down all four filters and then dismantled the hose and door vent. Then I tucked it into its nook behind the curtain. See you next May or June! You did a fabulous job this Summer. Thank you so much.

I got my first air conditioner on wheels in 2002* and started tracking the dates that I set it up and put it away each year. After all these years, toss in global warming and it's pretty easy to guess accurately when the key dates will be.

*meowmensteen's comment send me back to 2002 where I noted that, in fact, my first wheeled air conditioner was procured in 1999. 2002 was when I started this journal. Record now set straight :)

6/21/2002 9/6/2002
6/6/2003 9/12/2003
6/17/2004 9/5/2004
6/9/2005 9/4/2005
6/1/2006 9/16/2006
6/1/2007 9/17/2007
6/25/2008 9/20/2008
5/30/2009 9/25/2009
6/12/2010 10/6/2010
6/25/2011 10/6/2011
5/27/2012 9/2/2012
5/5/2013 9/16/2013
5/15/2014 9/26/2014
5/10/2015 9/13/2015
5/8/2016 9/10/2016
5/23/2017 9/16/2017
5/12/2018 9/15/2019
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