Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Either twice the good or... twice the fail

The not so bright me is in charge today. I wanted to make a meatloaf. Did I think about what I need to make one? Did I look in the kitchen to make sure what I needed was on hand? Did I make a list for the store? Did I get everything I needed to make meatloaf.

No. Copy/paste behind every ? above.

Oh and my sewing project that I had had to fix so many issues on? Failed totally after all. Well not totally. I now know for absolutely certain how to tweak the pattern so that it will be perfect. And I saved the expensive zipper. And I can use a lot of the fabric for trim and stuff on other projects so not a tragic failure at all.

And I did manage a meatloaf. In fact. I totally misjudged the wet ingredients and made too much so compensating for that led to two meatloaves. One for the Instant Pot for dinner tonight.


And one for the freezer. If it turns out to be good, I'll have two great dinners and some excellent sandwiches. If it's a fail, I will have two crappy meatloaves. Go me.

Two Wave guys came by to pick up my modem this morning. They were perfectly delightful. And I got my first bill on the new system. It turns out to be $30 less than I was expecting and once I turn off the extended channels in two weeks, it will be $90 less than I was paying for tv and internet last month. And the speed is such fun.

I just saw a tweet from the retirement place where my Mom and Dad lived before they died in Charleston, SC. They were reporting in from their evacuation homes. Apparently they have some folks in Lexington (I'm assuming NC since Lexington, SC is still almost in the pathy) and Hendersonville. Both are about 4 hours from Charleston by car. Bishop Gadsden (the retirement place) is home to a wide variety of bodies. They have independent livers and assisted livers and nursing patients all the way down to vegetative seniors. Probably 450-500 in total. I cannot imagine how in the world they got all those people moved. The tweet said they are expecting to know something on Saturday about when they can go back.

The rain stopped early on and the coolness of the day kind of disintegrated but I still haven't changed into a short sleeved shirt. I'm a rebel.
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