Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new day

I was so tired and punk feeling last night, I made a deal with me. I would go to bed and sleep until I was slept out. No getting up to swim, just sleep. I went to bed and slept good, really good. And woke up about 5 minutes before the alarm felt excellent so I got up and went to swim!

And it was lovely. Also there's a new front desk girl who opened up 3 minutes early!

That gout bout was weird. Usually, I get a little hint that gout is on its way and I hop on the anti-gout pills and it goes away before it gets bad. I don't remember ever having an attack like yesterday's where it's fine and them bam! it's throbbing. So glad it's now retreated.

Someone asked me what pills I take for it. indomethacin. But, honestly, I think Ibuprofen would work as well.

Also my internet and network are fine and healthy this morning. Whew.

And, I have the whole day in front of me just for me to do whatever I want. What a gift. And the last two of my tomatoes are ripe and ready for eating. I need to make some breakfasts today. Either egg bits or breakfast burritos. Or both. I have a sewing project underway. Some socks on the needles and my crocheted vest in progress. Plenty to keep me entertained.

I just solved a technical problem that has been bugging me and it's making me giggle. I have two very old small google tablets. They both have micro SD charging ports and the ports have grown so that now the plugs are loose. When I plug them in for charging, half the time they don't really connect and I don't find out until I go to use them and discover little or no juice left.

I went looking for a solution and found one in an old friend. Macrodroid is a great little app that does a lot of easy to program things. I used to use it for a variety of stuff that has now since been built into the OS. BUT these two tablets are two old for the new OS versions. So this is perfect. I programed it so that when I plug in the tablets, and the charger connects and starts charging, the tablets say "Thank You!" Seriously this is cracking me up.

Just now I saw a thing on Twitter that Costco is selling a year's worth of Spotify for $99. ?? Currently I'm paying what amounts to $135 a year so I'll take that deal. It's kind of weird but, the last time I had a problem with Spotify, their customer service was pretty exemplary so maybe worth a shot.

You buy it on Costco and then get a pdf with a pin code that you then plug into Spotify. That all worked but my account still says "Your plan will automatically renew on 9/17/19 and you'll be charged $9.99 + tax." But then I got an email that says "Your Spotify Premium subscription will begin when your payment has been successfully processed and will expire at the end of the redeemed period." I'm not quite clear on how/where/when to confirm this. The charge is showing as pending on my credit card... I'll be keeping an eye out to make sure it all works but thanks, Costco! for the $35!

Ok, time for me to get off my ass and go do something. I think I'll start by putting away this long ethernet cable I pulled out last night. Then I'll replace the dead batteries in my bed's remote control. That sucker goes through batteries like I go through candy pumpkins at halloween, which reminds me... add candy pumpkins to the shopping list.
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