Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better moving towards best

My gout completely disappeared after two magic gout pills. Yeah. Here's hoping it does not return tonight. That's some bad juju - lying in bed with your toe just throbbing.

Plus, now I think I had some kind of gut issue as well. All day long, I've felt tired and crampy and just crappy. Most of the baseball game I felt that way. But, now I'm home. The Mariners sucked as usual, but the company of the folks on either side of me was really fun. I'm going to miss those folks. Erica and Julie (the couple on my left) say they are buying their seats again next years so yeah!

Anyway I got home from the game and am adapter I ordered had come. I wanted to make sure that I could hook the chromebook right to the modem and get internet without the router if need be. The adapter I had on hand did not work and it was a bit of a cludge anyway. So I tried the new adapter. Would not work. Google said to restart my modem so I did. And then I totally lost my network. And I could not get it back. At one point I dug out the longest ethernet cable I could find to try to hook up the other mesh router. Fail. Finally. I just plugged everything in back the way it was and restarted the router again.

This time it all worked. And my network is back. And I am exhausted.

BUT, my toes is fine, my gut feels fine. Everything seems kind of put back together. I have nothing on my calendar for tomorrow and promises or expectations. I might even skip the swim.
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