Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Got Gout?

I was woken up in the middle of the night by my toe. Gout is caused by stuff (I forget what it's called and it does not matter anyway) that collects and causes pain. The main best way to prevent is diet change, which, of course, I'm not going to do. There is a prophylactic medication you can take to prevent/lesson but it is 1. expensive and 2.I don't get gout enough to warrant taking something like that. So, the occasional attack is inevitable. (Actually, my doctor is always surprised I don't get it more often.)

All that lovely logic aside, it hurts like a MOFO. It just throbs. And makes it difficult to sleep. I got up at 3 am to take my gout fixing pills which did nothing. I took more before I hobbled off to the pool. On the way I had a gynormous coughing fit stopped only by scarfing down a coughing pill.

At least my swim was good and by the time I got out, my foot was feeling better but I was loopy. I made it home and just crashed on the bed and slept for an hour.

Then I got up, got coffee, got a bagel and now I feel good. Fine. Whew. The gout pain is reduced to uncomfortable on its way down to disappearing totally. I'm still yawning but not fatally.

Today is house cleaner day so I'll be heading out for Goodwill and as-yet-undefined errands.

Today is also a Diamond Club baseball game for me. The game starts at the totally weird and unexplained hour of 3:40. Which means I go at 1:40 for late lunch?/early dinner? In between the house cleaner and the game, there may be another nap. If I feel like it.

The game promises to be wonderfully cool. There's rain expected which means they will close the roof and that makes the stadium into a kind of carport like affair. Nice and cozy like on a giant porch where you can see and hear and smell the rain but only actually feel the cool breeze from it.

Now I need to get dressed and see how complicated the draining of that air conditioner actually will be. Oh and get my bag of Goodwill stuff together.
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