Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good and lucky

My Pixel C sold!! I had it listed on Amazon and Swappa. The Amazon listing was a major pain in the ass to create but, turns out, quite worthwhile! My share of the pie after Amazon's and the USPS's cut will be $545. That goes right into my Google Hope Chest to buy whatever it is they are going to announce on October 9.


I got the email at 3:45 but didn't see it til just after 4. Do I have a flat rate box?? Yep. Big enough? Yep. Should I buy the postage online or take it to the post office? Rush hour traffic to the good post office but I can haul ass up the street and probably get there before they close. What time do they close? 5. Ok.

I dig out the box, reset the tablet and clean it off. Happily, I still have the original boxes so packing it up was easy and it all fit into a medium flat rate box. I taped it up, slapped the label with postage on it, grabbed my pocketbook and sunglasses and headed out the door. The minute I opened the door to the street I saw the mail truck come to deliver!!! The mail carrier turned up a minute later and took the box right out of my hand and put it into the truck and off it goes. Easy peasy.

The lady in Redwood City CA will have it Thursday.

Some days ya just get lucky.
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