Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A milestone

I got my first TiVo in 2000. I joined a farm of VCR's. I just don't like live TV. I've had a range of TiVos over the years - at one time I kept 4 of them busy in this house. My current one can record 6 shows at once.

Not long ago, howeird mentioned that his TiVo was empty. I think I had to read that sentence about 3 times until the meaning sunk in. I was a concept that I just never thought of. I always have had stuff on my TiVo that I know I will never watch. Just in case.

But, now that everyone HBO, Acorn Britbox, Hulu, etc. all have accounts you can easily sign up for and opt out of on a whim, I no longer have to watch inferior when-I've-watched-all-the-good-stuff stuff. I can watch good stuff any time I want. No need to even keep the junk.


(In the reflection you can see the patterns I was also working on today. I need to sew up the tester and then come back and refit the pattern.)

So today I went through and deleted it all. I had a long list of movies bookmarked and I went through the list and put all of them on my wishlists on Amazon and Netflix. I did cheat a little by moving a movie or two over to my backup/bedroom TiVo. But the living room is at 0%. The suggestion list is pretty much junk. And I'm not even sure I'm going to watch that Minimalist thing. I might and then I might delete it.

But, 0%?!! I feel so squeaky clean!!

The rain we were promised?? Turned out to be the invisible, arid kind of rain. AKA figment of weather forecaster's imagination. We get more of that kind of rain than any other kind around here.

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