Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Promises to keep... not

I have yarn in this house that has been in its yarn state here for years. Never knitted or crocheted into anything. For a while I was very good at not buying any new and just using what I had on hand. But now I've lost it.

Today I bought two yarns that I have no plans for and probably not enough of either to do anything with. What's wrong with me?!

And this morning, I finished off my latest top. The second new top in as many weeks. Also the second top that I very carefully and neatly sewed the pockets on... the back! WTF? (On the bright side I have now nailed two specific base patterns that fit me perfectly. One with raglan sleeves and one with shoulder top sleeves. From these two I can pretty much make whatever I want which helps me clear out the vast number of patterns I need on hand AND, hopefully, prevents me from wasting money on more.)

I did find some more dragon fabric. Also scored some dinosaur fabric that is very fun. I only got partially carried away in Joanne's. They make me a little crazy with their pricing scheme. They issue tons of coupons constantly. But they are complicated - 50% off of any one item not included in any other sale with 30% off other sales but also on that 50% ne. It's just a mess. Finally, I just loaded their stupid app (which is good for nothing else) and when I get to the register, I just hand my phone to the clerk. So far, every single clerk has been totally up to the task and quite nice about it. Today, the guy took my phone from me and when he was done, my bill went from $88 to $72. A great savings but a stupid way to do business.

I got some of the yarn there, too so I decided to skip the yarn shop. I do NOT need more yarn!!

But, the universe just loves to fuck with me. On the way home, I discovered a brand new Micheals! It's huge and way closer than any other Michaels. Turns out they've been open for just a month. I bought more yarn.

I did remember to get gas.

Oh! I just got a lovely reply from Wave to my note in praise of Katie. Nice. I had sent it from their web form so was kind of hoping it didn't get lost. It did not. Toby was not bad enough to deserve a letter but I do hope they send a 'how was your service' survey.

I also did two loads of laundry - actually 3. The new fabric is in the washer now. The New York Times TV lady has a recommend from Acorn TV. I think I'll give that a go this afternoon. While I knit or crochet or do something yarnie.

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