Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday Monday

Today's slow start is brought to you by a cat on my lap and faster internet speeds. I keep going down internet rabbit holes while being held purring captive. Not a bad life, actually.

My job today is Joanne's Fabrics. According to the internet, they still have some of the dragon print that is so cute. I made a shirt out of it but I hate the shirt. I tried too many new things on one shirt and too many of them kind of failed so while I love the fabric, I hate the shirt. I can reuse some of it but not enough so I'm hoping the internet isn't lying and Joanne's still has some. Also, I'm hoping they don't have much more in terms of cute fabric. The Joanne Fabric rabbit hole can get quite pricey.

There's also a yarn store on that side of town that I'm toying with visiting but, again, pricey. So depending on the Joanne sitch, I may blow it off.

I need cottage cheese and applesauce so there may be a grocery stop in there somewhere.

Joanne's doesn't open til 10 and it's not yet 9 so no rush.

No game today. There is a homeowners association meeting which I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip.

OK, the cat has decided there are more important things for her to do so I think I'll go sew the sleeves into my latest top.
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