Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Toby ain't no Katie but the deed is done and the speed is won!

Toby's not so much into customer service. Or maybe it's just people, his job and the world that he hates but he was sure unpleasant. I had everything set up for him, ready to go. He was loaded with snark and not one bit appreciative. He connected everything up and it didn't work so he declared my modem faulty.

"We can put the call on hold until you get a new one or I can go get one out of the truck and it will cost you $13 a month." I told him to go get it. While he was gone, the signal started coming through. Ha! He was ready to bolt but I couldn't get the router going. So I told him to stay put until I could test his work and plugged the Windows machine directly into the modem. I confirmed that it worked and he left so fast, there was fucking dust in his trail.

Er, ah thanks so much for helping me move the console that you required we move out, back in. Asshole.

And then it turned out he had unplugged my TiVo and not plugged it back in. Assohole.

The router latched on and SPEED!!!!! I was actually prepared for it to ot make that much of a difference in reality. I mean when a website doesn't respond, there are about 398 different reasons on a good day and most of them have zero to do with your connection. But... out of the box, I can tell a difference and it is so nice.

While I was setting up for the installation, I discovered a rather embarrassing number of cables and stuff that are no longer needed. I spent a long time yesterday looking for an ethernet bridge that I knew I had and found it this morning but also found that when I unplugged the 2 ethernet cables connected to nothing and the Amazon Fire TV which is no longer connected to the TV and the fiber modem, I don't need the bridge! I still need to pull the cables from the no longer needed modem and package it up which I will do after this.

But all is good.

And now I'm going to have me a tomato sandwich!
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