Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seattle Tomato ALERT!!

This is specifically for ljtourist and opakele but good for anyone who wants tomato info in Seattle.

I went back to the West Seattle Farmers Market today and grilled the tomato guy. First of all, here's his info.


Kittatas Valley Greenhouse is also listed at Magnolia Farmers Market and U-District and Lake City.

The tomatoes I had last week that were so wonderful were Cherokee Purple


They are thin skinned which worried me as I was always taught that only the thick skinned are really delicious. But maybe being away from tomato perfection for so many years has changed me or... science?

Also he says these are grown indoors. They are not 'hot house' but regular outside tomato strains grown indoors so... available year round! I'm skeptical but so want to believe. I bought way too many today. Probably stupid since we aren't going to have any sun to ripen them up but whatever. I need to go get some cottage cheese to go with.
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