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Last night's baseball game sucked mightily in terms of baseball. But the rest was fab. When you go in they take you to a table (you don't get to chose) and last night they took me to a table in the middle of friends I had eaten with before and a new (to me) couple all of whom were just delightful dinner companions. And the food was excellent.

The seats to my left belong to Julie and Erica who are fun and interesting always. The seats to my right belong to a casino and are prizes so the sitters vary from game to game. Last night's were the best. They were an older (probably late 50's) rotund couple who had obviously been a couple for many years. They knew and and enjoyed baseball and each other and were very engaged in the game and fun to sit by. At one point about the 5th or so inning, he leaned over and asked quietly "are you having fun?" and she answered enthusiastically "yes! so much!" The held hands most of the game. It was very cute and nice.

I slept long and hard. My bedside lamp is set to come on at 6:30 on weekends. Usually I'm awake a already and sometimes I sleep through it. But this morning I was dreaming about something tedious. The light came on and I woke up and got a rescue from whatever it was. Nice.

Last night, I was looking for the socks I wear to games when it's not hot. I opened up a drawer and found a pattern that I bought two years ago at the stitch expo. I'd forgotten all about it. It will be perfect for that fabric I found a Goodwill last time. I did not find the socks but no biggie.

I unfolded the pattern and discovered that it is a good one but the arm holes and sleeves are not big enough for a jacket. So I Googled and discovered a two year old Sewing With Nancy episode that showed a neat way to fix the sleeve issue. But the video wouldn't play. I tried a couple of different things and nada... 1.5 minutes in, all you get is the circle circling. So I went to the TV. Tivo told me that it was season 29, episode 15 but no one had it for streaming. So I downloaded the Roku PBS app and installed it and searched and BINGO there it is on my TV!!! I felt very clever.

So probably I'll be watching that today and fixing the pattern. Plus I have another top that needs finishing.

The big thing today is the annual Chinatown/International District Night Market. I haven't been in years which is dumb because it's like 3 blocks from here and full of great eats and great sights. But this year ljtourist is ensuring I don't miss it again. We're going to check it out together.

My new cable modem is out for delivery.

I got my first modem in 1982 (or 81?). It was a coupler modem. Just like this one.

Dark ages stuff here. You picked up the receiver of the phone and dialed the number and waited to hear the modem tone. Then you put the receiver into the modem cups. The computer then picked up the call.

This coupler delivered me 300 bits per second. (My new modem and service will deliver me 1000 megabits per second.) Back then it felt like magic and I'm sure that tomorrow it will feel like magic again.

I remember when I upgraded to a 1,200 (bps) modem. It was not a coupler. You left the phone receiver on the phone and the computer dialed. I could not get my head around how that would work at all. At the store, I made absolutely sure that I could return it because I was 99% positive that it was not going to work. And it was pricey. I think it was something like $300. (The cable modem arriving today is $150.) I was wrong. It worked and it was sooooo fast!

I marvel over and over again that my life has spanned from party line telephone service to what we have today. It's amazing so amazing.
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