Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Team Katie for the win

So this really turned into an amazing thing. I just finished sending Wave a letter about what a treasure Katie is for them.

Last night, in the email, I told her that whenever she could set up the install would be fine by me. Just set it up and let me know.

This morning at 10, she called. Uh oh. I hate calls. But, being Katie, she fixed that with her first words "I'm so sorry to bother you by calling but I just got an opening for installation this afternoon!"

I won't get the modem until tomorrow and I'm not sure when tomorrow so we booked the install for Sunday - 12-2. Then I went to put it on my calendar and saw there are two games - a football game and a baseball game that start between 1-2.[Edit: just discovered my calendar is wrong. the football game is in denver so the tech will be fine.] So I told her that her technician might not want to come then. "Oh, how nice of you to mention that but, no worries, our techs are on top of stuff like that and used to working around it. It will be fine."

So Sunday it is. We agreed to turn off the fiber internet on Monday and she'll send another tech to pick up that modem (the fiber guy and coax guys are like 2 different companies). And she told me that she was able to wave the $60 installation fee. All was settled and we hung up.

But, of course, being Katie, she wasn't done yet.

Five minutes later I get an email confirming dates and times and what will happen when with which account.

- I'll be getting $45 refund on the account we closing.
- Oh and she found a special deal for the local TV channels - $10 for the next 12 months (instead of the $30 I pay now).

So to recap.

- I currently pay $140 for TV (about 25 local channels + 75 extended ones I don't watch) and $60 for 100 mps internet.

$200 month - $2,400 for first year, $2400 for second year

- Thanks to Katie, I will be paying $70 for TV (local channels*) and $80 for 1000 mps internet.

$150 per month $1,800 first year $2,460 for second year

*During baseball season March-September there will be an extra $65 a month but also 75 more channels.

I'm pretty delighted.
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