Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oh and hole news

Because of the drip downstairs, they came to look at my terrace and the hole in my ceiling today. Turns out there's no water up here. Still.

Tonight I get a note from Sandy. She says they are waiting to fix me until they have fixed the terrace above me which is far more complicated. However, if I'm willing to take the risk that the repairs above won't hurt the repairs to my unit, they will go ahead and repair my ceiling.

WTF???? Now that the entire Summer - terrace using season - has ended, NOW you want to fix it??? And then maybe have to fix the fix??? And lay it on me "if you are willing to take the risk".

I replied that as long as my unit was completely repaired by March of 2019, they should make said repairs as financially responsible to the association as possible. And, oh by the way, you keep NOT mentioning the interior damage which I also expect to be repaired.

This is the president of the HOA that I'm having these stupid conversations with. I'm pretty sure she will not be the president after December of this year. So I need to make sure I have everything in writing with a distinct paper trail.
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