Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Don't get mad

When someone says to me "now, don't get mad but, ... " whatever comes after that but will absolutely piss me off. I don't are what it is.

The guy below me has a leak on his terrace. Just like the leak I had on my terrace. The building manager and HOA president ignored my pleas to fix my leak for 18 months. Then they came in and cut a 3 foot squared hole in the ceiling of my terrace and finally fixed the leak. Last Spring. The hole, by the way, is still there and the damage to my window frame is not yet fixed but "we have a plan".

So tonight they called and asked to come check my unit because the guy below was having water dripped onto his terrace. Sure come on. My unit is dry as a bone. Not a drop anywhere. So Sandy (HOA President) turns to my air conditioner and proceeded to explain to me how air conditioners work and so there was probably a lot of water there. That's what came after the don't get mad.

I said fine. BUT seems to me that if my air conditioner was leaking to the unit below, there would be at least some dampness between the unit and my own floor. There is none. Not any. Yes, if there were any humidity in Seattle, there might be condensation. There isn't so there isn't. They left.

And his leak is working exactly like mine did. From the ceiling through the window frame. You can easily see how that happens by looking up into the FUCKING HOLE YOU HAVE NOT FIXED YET!!!

Ok, now I feel better. Thank you.

My Mom's perfume arrived. I opened the bottle and it didn't smell like Mom. But I put some on my wrist and some on my shirt and now it does. Subtly but she's there. What a wonderful thing. I'm so glad I thought of it.

And another not quite as wonderful but pretty nifty thing is a new laundry soap I found. Why in the world didn't someone come up with this sooner???

I got Breezeo from Amazon. It's strips of paper. Seriously. You tear one off and toss it into the machine. Or you can use it for washing by hand. The whole package of 48 washer loads weighs nothing and takes up no space at all.

There's another brand that is the same called Dizolve. Seriously this is really brilliant. My laundry was very happy and so am I!

Baseball time.
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