Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Victory breakfast

After my swim, I dipped into Trader Joe's which is just across the street. I remembered I had a bagel and cream cheese and capers at home so I got lox and an onion and a tomato. This was just perfectly delicious.


And it was a great way to celebrate this!!!


I will be glad to get back to my early morning swims with swimmers who are there to swim. I'm kind of over a 3 day weekend of walkers, and talkers, and people who don't understand or care to observe lane etiquette. They all have a right to use the pool and it's great that they do. Without them, the gym might figure it didn't even need the pool and close it down. Swimming at 5 in the morning means zero traffic to deal with on the road or in the pool!

I have sewing to do today. I started making this top to try out a pattern and now I love the top and thought of another thing to make it even better so I'm ready to get back to it.

The game isn't until 6 tonight so I have all day to piddle and watch another episode or two of Paranoid (Netflix).

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