Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Here's where we stand right now - 11:20 here 2:20 at Ernie's.


Neck and neck. Down to the wire. It may be a photo finish!!

I had a good swim this morning. I've gotten kind of slow and decided I don't care but this morning I was back to my old speed. Maybe I do care...

I had considered going to the farmer's market but then forgot then couldn't decide. Then after my swim, I decided, I'd cruise by and if I found parking, I'd go, if not, then I'd come home. Well, turns out, they moved the damn thing. Probaby eons ago. I haven't been in forever. Anyway I did find a parking spot but still had 30 mins to kill so I popped into a restaurant and had breakfast.

Then I walked around the farmers market twice. Once for Ernie and once for me :). There was a booth from Ellensburg (East of here across the mountains where they have lots more sun than here). Their sign said "In Search Of The Best Tomatoes". So I bought two. One that is ripe now and one that will be on Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm hopeful with low expectations. I might go back next week and buy a couple of big boys at the booth towards the end. That was my second choice.

On the way back to the car I walked by the West Seattle Senior Center thrift store and popped in. They had a fabric bin that, at first, looked full of stuff I have no interest in. But, of course, I could not let well enough alone. I dug in and found some very excellent bits. $20 total. A steal.


The weather is really lovely. Cool and nice. It's threatening to get up to 80 one day next week but, like days of old. No more summer really after Labor Day. It's one of the best things about the Pacific Northwest. The past couple of years have see summer leak into September but it looks like we're safe this year and I'm grateful.

Although, really, this new air conditioner has made summer very doable. Way better than any air conditioner I've had before. So I should not complain at all. It's so funny how hard I agonized over buying it. I am so glad I did.

I think I'm going to go sew a little before the game starts. No other big plans for the day - or for tomorrow for that matter.

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