Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

wrong wrong wrong

I went to the sewing shop. They did not have anything close to what I wanted. Came home and ordered it from which kept failing when I tried to charge it on my Amazon account (they are owned by Amazon). Finally just charged it directly. (I get 5% cash back when I charge on Amazon. So this means that had to give up my $.07 discount!)

I cut out and interfaced the back piece of my bag 3 times incorrectly. Once I got as far as installing a zipper before I realized my error. Fortunately I have plenty of the fabric at least so far. Once I picked the zipper out, I quit for the day. I can take a hint.

Then I realized that I never got the email from my order. Went back to the website to see that they had no order. Nice. Did it all over again. Still wouldn't let me charge it to my Amazon account.

Look people, I'm fine with failure so quit trying to get me, k?

You know who might not be fine with failure??? Ernie, that's who! He's still 10,000 and change steps behind me.

There's a baseball game tonight but also a football game in the stadium across the street. The marching band is practising and the crowds will be here soon.
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