Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ernie update

It's Thursday and I'm still ahead!!!


This morning I'm so grateful for a clean house and for the clouds that are blocking the sun and for the 61 degrees that it is outside right now. My new coffee maker is wonderful. Things are just good. As long as you don't count baseball.

I was on Amazon this morning to check a price and clicked on that special finds or whatever it's called - that ends up being a curated shop of very cool stuff you do not need but is still cool. I try to avoid that link when I see it but this morning I clicked it by accident.

And found this chair which I love. I have no place for it but if I did...

And also these odd and fun items that I love but am not at all tempted.

I did find the price I was looking for. I need some more fusible interfacing and I wanted to compare Walmart to Amazon. Walmart wins. BUT I think I'm going to wander up to the neighborhood sewing shop and see what they are charging. I think I'd rather get it from them. And generally their prices aren't that much more than online. It won't get me enough steps to crush Ernie but it's better than none.

Massive kudos to jocosa's doctor. My Shingles vaccine/flu shot arm is way better today than last time. I'm now a wall pushup devote. I woke up last night and it was really hurting but, in hindsight I think that was because maybe I rolled over on it. It's still tender and I was aware of it while I swam but it's hardly even up to the level of uncomfortable. Whew.

Today, I think I'm going to make a new hand bag and maybe a new wallet. I have some ideas and some beautiful fabric so that's my plan. I'm really excited to make a coat or jacket out of that fabric I got at Goodwill yesterday but I want to wait until it's a little cooler. So bag it is.

But, first I need to get dressed and hang up my swimsuit and make up my bed.

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