Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success unless you count baseball...

I scored big at Goodwill. I got a 6 yards of beautiful golden yellow french terry for $10. (6 yards is enough to make a coat, a jacket AND a hoodie, probably and it's usually $15ish per yard.) And 6 yards of a nice waffle knit for $9. Plus some other goodies.

Then on to the drug store. When I walked up they said that I'd have to go on a waiting list for the shingles vaccine. oh and it might be a couple of months. ???? I said that I should be on their list since I got the first round there and was told to come back at flu shot time. The actual pharmacist overheard me and looked through his list which was apparently quite long. Then he looked up and said "oh heck, we'll shoot you today" Score!?

He was the same guy who gave me the first round and he's really nice. I bitched about it making my swimming arm sore and he suggested I massage it. Which is what I kind of sort of planned to do. Then I got gas and made a quick stop at the grocery for a couple of things and then home to such a clean house.

jocosa, meanwhile, passed along doctor advice to do wall pushups for the first hour. Way better than massaging. So I've been doing wall pushups all day. Take that, Ernie! (Who, by the way, as of right now - 4 pm Wednesday - is still 9,500 steps behind me!)

The Mariners are losing again. I think I am pretty much safe from having to worry about/make time for/buy cable for any playoffs. I have three more Diamond Club games and then we can hang it up until next March.
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