Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ernie, The Slacker


Ernie and his shit need to have a talk about coming together. At this rate, the week is not going to end well for him.

Today is house cleaner day. She should be here in about an hour. And I'll hit the streets. First up, of course, is Goodwill. I don't have enough in the bin to warrant a drop off but I'll pop into the store to see what's new in linens and fabric. Pickin's have been slim lately. But, my main interest is jersey sheets which I use to test patterns. I don't think people use them much in Summer so maybe as the weather gets cooler, they will pull them out and then discover they need new ones and sell me the old ones. Hoping.

Then I think I'll go see about a flu shot and my second shingles vaccine. I'm not wild about having a sore arm for a few days but I'm even less wild about getting shingles. It's a trade off. Also I need gas. If the house cleaner is still here after all of that, I may pop into Office Depot which is on my way home and peruse the back to school stuff for a giggle.

My new coffee maker is slow. But otherwise, it's perfect. Slow but oh so nice looking on the counter plus, now the toaster isn't so crowded. It's a trade off.

OMG the house cleaner is an hour early! Way more better than an hour late.

The baseball is an afternoon game today. Fine by me. Gives me the reading window to finish up this Stephen King book finally. It's a 14 hour audio book. I really enjoyed the first 11 hours. These final ones have kind of pissed me off. I have an hour left and I can't not finish it but I'm ready to move on with my life.

I just read where Scotland is going to provide free sanitary products to all female students. So amazingly wonderful. I remember being shocked at figuring out that I had to pay for stuff like tampons and toilet paper (they had always been free at home. I guess I thought they came with the house or something). And then shocked at how much those stupid tampons actually cost. And this was back in the olden days when they were relatively cheap.

Ok, time to split.

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