Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I just Marie Kondo'd the shit out of my bathroom cabinet!

dimity_blue suggested yesterday that I just bin everything. Initially I thought, dumb idea. And then, this morning, with time to kill, I thought 'brilliant!'

I pulled every single thing out and dumped it into bags.


Then I emptied all those plastic drawer things and filled up to 13 gallon bags (well, half filled them anyway) and put back only the essentials. There turned out to be an easy place for everything. Note to self, no need to buy q-tips again, probably, in this lifetime.

Found a curling iron that the Goodwill will be happy to have. Found a half a dozen inhaler spacers for when I could not figure out how to work the damn inhalers. Sadly, I have that skill nailed. No need for any stinkin' spacer. Old creams, lotions, makeup, perfume, contact lens cases... I'll be dropping them into the dumpster on the way to Target.


The hardest part of this was the old lady getting down on the floor and back up again in a tight space on tile. The next time I need to clean that cabinet, I'm going to have to have a minion to get the stuff out and back in!

Ok.Time to pee and then hit the road. See ya on the flip side.
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