Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me 'n Ernie

Yeah, I know... it's only Day 2 of a 7 day challenge but he'll take the lead here by about Thursday so I need to wallow in victory early in the week. I'm getting a little Ernie obsessed.

Today's big adventure will be Target. I'm going to try out the free tourist shuttle bus but there will also be walking because, well, Ernie. But, it's only 8:15 and the shuttle bus does not start until 10.

It's supposed to get up to 80 today with sun which is not promising but, hopefully, it won't get bad til this afternoon when I'm safely back here with the air conditioner.

My neighbors across the hall have been gone all Summer and people have been in their unit doing work. Yesterday they left the door open for a bit and I got to peek in. Renae and Doug had this beautifully perfect unit. I mean it was all updated with gorgeous cabinetry and stuff. Plus they are very fastidious people so it was always immaculate. But now they have ripped out everything. The entire kitchen is to the studs. Also, they've been working in there a long time to have only ripped and not yet started to replace... Yikes. I can't wait to see it finished and I'll be they can't either.

That unit was originally owned by this very strange guy who cooked foul smelling stuff (and judging him by his looks, it was more chemical than edible) and then went on a rampage and tore up everything. It went on the market as a tear down (unusual for a condo in a classy building). At the time, I had a friend who lived here who was a realtor and he gave me a tour of the place. It was a disaster. More holes than walls. A toilet in the living room. And stinky. I can't remember if Doug and Renae did the first rebuild or bought it after. If it was after, it was shortly after because they've lived there now for at least 10 years. I'm hoping that with this current remodel, they are planning another 10. They are fabulous neighbors.

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