Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wait... I could just go to the store!

I grew the rest of my flower while in the Japanese grocery store. Where I found my favorite Japanese jelly candy. It's fruit flavored but delicate and not too sweet. It's coolest trick is that it is wrapped in plastic but when the plastic comes off, it's wrapped in edible cellophane. It's delicious and fun.


I used to have to go to 99 Ranch - about 30 minutes from here. But now, I can just walk over to Uwajimaya! So to celebrate, I got a poke bowl for dinner. And the eggs I forgot to get on my grocery run Saturday.

I finished my latest shirt and it's perfect. So I made changes to the pattern so that the next one and all the ones after that will be no brainers. I did have to move the pockets I'd sewn on what turned out to be the back, to the front. DOH! I'd been very careful to sew those pockets down securely, too. Ugh. Also has anyone seen my magnifying lighted headset? I have put it away somewhere and I have no clue where.

Anyway, I'm excited to have a perfectly fitting raglan sleeved top to make a bunch of.

I want to swap out my big fat Keurig for one of the new tiny ones. Turns out that Target not only has the best price, they have the best color and they will ship free and I can get it on Thursday. OK! I could drive to Target but, too far. But wait! There's a Target between here and Pike Place Market! And they have them in stock. And I can go into the actual store and buy it. NOVEL plan!

So tomorrow, I'll hop on that free shuttle and just go do it. I'd go today but 1. I have already made my flower and 2. The sun is out and it's hot. Not horrible africa hot but hot enough.

Tomorrow morning it will be cloudy (I hope) and cool and I'll need to top off another flower on my watch so Good Enough.

My other big project is digital. I have several excellent mindless computer games that I've played for years on various phones and tablets. And, it has come to my attention that these games are no longer in the Play Store! They aren't modern and by modern, I mean offering you opportunities to spend money every 3 minutes. But, I have them installed on some old hardware so today I am going around and scarfing them up with an APK extractor and putting them into a folder on Google Drive for safe keeping and future installs. Kind of a PIA but, hey, better than not having them at all!

I have one more tablet to do and then the backup phone and I'll be done.
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