Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, in my dreams, I was trying to get edits from my boss off a fax machine. My boss liked the piece but had two changes. That she faxed to me. She faxed 5 pages - none of which were the right ones. Then she came to my office and didn't even bring the right page with her. It was a very frustrating dream.

My Garmin watch collects a boat load of data and can display most of it on the watch face. Some of the watch faces you can install are so cluttered with data that telling the time is not possible. All I want is the time, the day, the date, and how many steps I've taken. And all of that in as big a font as possible. There are a bascillion watch faces in the Garmin 'store' and none of them do what I want the way I want it. Of course. I've toyed with designing my own but too much trouble.

Finally yesterday I found the watchface I didn't even know I wanted. It grows a flower!!!! As I move closer to my steps goal every day, my flower gets created. It's so cool. Also I can change the color of the flower.


It's the little things.

It's only supposed to get up to 71 degrees today. I love that. So much. I will absolutely be taking a nice little walk today. There's this guy - Ernie - who last week challenged me on the Garmin app. I know nothing about him except he bikes and runs. It's only me and him. I kept up with him most of the week but he pulled ahead. And at the end, he had 98,258 steps and I only had 78,533. I'm not sure I can make up those 20,000 steps BUT... maybe. I did not go out much last week due to the crappy air. So there's a chance...

I was thinking 'wonder if he knows he's up against and old lady?' and then I realized, heck, he could be 95 for all I know!

No ballgame today. And precious little on the TiVo. I think I'm down to about 6%. Netflix and Acorn for the next month.

I have a shirt in the sewing room that is about an hour from being finished. If it fits like I hope, I'll then be doing some changes to the pattern.

My two big jobs on my ToDo list are:

1. Go through every pattern and cull out the ones I will not be using again. I know there are a lot. I need to get the group paired down for space savings and also so I don't use a pattern that I didn't like the first time.

2. Clean out the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Seriously. This cabinet is my nemesis. Back when I used to move every 18 months, I joked that when my bathroom cabinet got out of control, I'd just polish up my resume and find a new job/location. I've probably pulled everything out and thoroughly cleaned maybe twice in the 25 years I've lived here. It's time. Way past time. I have makeup down there. I have not had makeup on my face in more than 20 years. I mean ugh.

But, not today. Gotta save the joy, right?

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