Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The concert got quite loud last night. Not loud as in oh cool a free concert but loud as in that's just random noise and not fun. So when the baseball game went into extra innings, I moved to the bedroom TV. The bedroom is one living room and one kitchen away from the doors where the sound was coming in. Perfect. And, after being tied and then behind for most of the game, we managed to snag it in 10. And our closing pitcher snagged a significant milestone. It was pretty cool.

We play them (Arizona) again this afternoon.

It's lovely and cool out this morning but warming up. I have the door open and the air conditioner off. It's getting warmer and looks like tomorrow we'll be back to door closed and a/c on but I'm enjoying the quiet now.

This promises to be a quiet week. The house cleaner comes on Wednesday but that's really the only thing on the calendar. I'm perfectly fine with that. I do need to make an appointment with the eye doctor but I keep coming up with good reasons not to. I also was supposed to see Dr. Lung in July, but just for a checkup. He'd listen to me breathe ask me how I feel and tell me to come back in 6 months. I'm breathing nicely and feel fine so I think I'll pocket the $45 co-pay and skip to the 6 month visit. I'm very lucky, at my age with a degenerative lung disease, that I spend so little time with doctor visits/medical stuff. I'd like to keep it that way. Maybe while I'm out on Wednesday, I'll pop in and get that second shingles vaccine and my flu shot.

I have a couple of hours now before the game starts. I think I'll get all the little things done:

- hang up my swim suit
- clean up the breakfast dishes
- check the windows computer to make sure it's healthy
- charge up the swim music player
- clean off the table on the terrace
- take a trash load down to the dumpster
- make the new water pik cable situation tidier
- find a better watch face

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