Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sound check

The construction cranes in Seattle are plentiful and sprinkled across town. Their operators are on strike. So construction is having a bit of an interuptus. But, you know what else is adversely affected?

The Ed Sheeran concert. Yep. They were supposed to have their sound check yesterday but it got delayed because they couldn't get the stage up because no cranes. Then it got postponed and then it got moved to today. And it's not much of a sound check. I wonder what is going to be the actual impact on the concert.

Fun stuff when you have sports stadiums (stadia?) as neighbors.

I had a cream cheese and olive sandwich for lunch and it was so good. I grew up on them and I haven't had one in a long time. I finally remembered to get the right kind of olives (the cheap ones in a can - pitted no pimento) and OMG. So delicious. Olives, cream cheese and mayo all mixed up. I have enough for sandwich #2 in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe dinner!

I got a new water flosser this week. It's has more water pressure than my old one and I'm now obsessed with water flossing my teeth every time I eat. Probably not a bad thing.
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