Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dr. Pepper on special!!!

I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I love it in 16 oz bottles with caps so that I can save the rest for later. Around here, these beauties are hard to find. There's one place, not far from here, that mainly serves small cafes, and restaurants with bulk stuff. They almost always carry it. Almost and I usually pay $18 for a case.

After my swim this morning, I stopped into QFC where they rarely carry it and always at about $4 or more a six pack. Today it was $1.50 a six pack!!! Limit of 5 so I got 5. I'm Diet Dr. Pepper wealthy and so delighted.

It feels smokey outside or at least like the air is not good. The Breezometer says it's ok but my lungs say Not So Fast, Breezometer. I think I'll just make this an inside day.

It's deliciously cool inside and out. I mean nice very nice. I'm sure it won't last but I like it today.

Finding out what the Breezometer app said turned out to be an adventure. I was here typing out this entry and my phone was not. ??? I had it in the grocery store, for sure. I checked my watch and nope. The little 'I see your phone' icon was not there. I clicked Ring the Phone and got nothing. I went to Google. Google says that 2 minutes ago it was in this building. But clicking on Ring the phone there netted me crickets. Not in my purse (which hangs by the front door). Hmmm so down to the garage to the car. I opened the door and no phone. FUCK! I got out the little flashlight and no phone. FUCK! I looked at my watch and the icon was back so I hit 'ring it' and instantly heard the phone. Under the shotgun seat. ???? Also freed 3 gum wrappers, a credit card holder and a business card from some website. All in all a good result!

The phone/watch friendship is nice.

I washed some fabric last night and forgot to put it in the dryer. I need to do that. And finish putting away the groceries and then maybe some sewing and some TV and then baseball tonight. Just a nice Saturday. Oh and I do need to make the bed. I couldn't make it this morning because some feline curled herself into the covers just as I was ready to tidy it up.

There's a sign on the bulletin board in the garage calling for the adoption of a 5 year old cat. I didn't read the details but I think (and, more importantly, Zoey thinks) that one cat is enough for us.

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