Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I ended up starting two Amazon seller accounts last night. One of them was approved this morning so I was able to list the tablet. Finally. But now even more people are selling theirs - not individuals but resale companies. Not sure what the rush is - the earliest new ones will be announced is likely October. But whatever.

Once all that was done, I thought, hmmmm why not double dip? So I also created a listing on Swappa. There were 3 listed for sale on Swappa last week and now only one so maybe...

Amazon requires a DNA test to set up an account. This is particularly hilarious since there are obviously scam selling going on all over Amazon. I bought something on Swappa about 4 years ago and no special anything account-wise was required to sell. BUT, they are far more picky about what you list. I had to send a bunch of very specific photos and I'm waiting now for approval. Swappa also shows you want the same item has sold for in the past year which is kind of helpful. Oh and the listing has to be tended. It will expire if you don't manually extend it.

I set the Amazon price at $575 and the Swappa price at $599. If they both sell while I'm asleep, I'm screwed. Well, not really. But the Amazon buyer will be disappointed.

Both are overpriced so I'll be surprised if there is any sale at all.

It's another cool day. Much clearer but not crystal. The radio, this morning, said smoke may come back on Sunday. I might go get on that free shuttle bus today and just take a ride or I might not. The kitchen needs a clean up. And the sewing room is a gigantic mess. I have a shirt that is cut out and ready to sew up and my crochet project needs tending. Plus, I have the final episode of Series One of No Offense and it promises to be wild. I'm so glad there is a Series Two in the chamber ready to fire.

First, however, I think more coffee is in order.
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