Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Do I go outside or spend one more day behind the glass? The air is decidedly better looking. There is still a haze but it is way less than it has been. And it's a whole lot cooler out than it has been for days. But the Breezometer is still in the 20's. I don't really have to go anywhere.


There was no one in the pool today at all for the first 50 minutes of my swim. Sometimes when it's just me, I get lazy and really slow down but today was the opposite. I got in the zone. I hit a good pace and spent the time getting a good plan for my crochet project. And then making up a list of things I want to get done and exploring some nice memories. I love having that time to just wander around my brain. Two of the regulars came in for my last 10 minutes. I do love that it's now dark enough on my way home to require headlights. My best is when I leave and get home in total darkness and then watch the sun rise over coffee. It feels like I'm stealing extra hours in the day.

OH! just rechecked the Breezometer... it's up to 55! Ordinarily that would still be in the 'inside only' range but it does mean it's clearing up so maybe... by lunch time? A little jaunt over to Daiso and/or Uwajimaya? or get on that shuttle and go up to Pike Place Market? Or play it safe and stay here inside for another day.

I'm still waiting for Amazon to fix my seller's account so I can list the Pixel C. I should dig in the closet and make sure I have the original boxes and snap a photo or two which I will need no matter where I list it.

No ballgame today but I still have unwatched episodes of No Offense. And, I still have 4 hours of the Stephen King book. I'm not enamoured with where it appears to be going but at this point, I have no choice but to stick with it to the end. Meanwhile I'm gather a healthy stack of to be reads. Most of my favorite authors new releases happen in the Fall so soon that healthy stack will be in tumble over mode, I hope.

Ooops. Forgot to hit "Post"!!

After going down several internet rabbit holes, finding a chromebook for a 13 year old's birthday present (for a friend of my brother's) and then trying to remember something that flashed into my brain but didn't stick, I'm now going to get dressed and go outside. It's a lot clearer out now than it was an hour ago. Still don't know if it's across the way (Daiso) or up to the Market. Snap decision to be made.
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