Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I once asked my mother if she got along with her parents growing up. It was clearly not only the first time someone had ever asked her, it was also the first time she'd ever considered the question. Finally, after grinding on it a bit she said "I don't know. Parents weren't something you liked or didn't like. There just were. You had to get along with them. You had no choice."

My mom was born in the mid 20's. I was born in the late 40's. My relationship with my parents was nearly exactly like everyone else's I knew. Some parents were a little more hands on. I remember Babsie Page's mother used to hover over her sometimes but that's because she was the youngest and her brothers were way older. She was the exception. Mostly parents shoved kids outside and told them to come back when it got dark out. And we gladly stayed outside til dark then when home.

In my house, back to school shopping was greeted with the same enthusiasm as trips to the dentist - by everyone. Mom hated it. We kids hated it. It was a dreaded chore that was hot and sweaty and full of trial and tribulation.

On the first day of school, everyone's mother breathed a huge sigh of relief. FINALLY!! They had the house to themselves. Until the first snow day or holiday when, once again, they would be burdened with pitter patter.

On Instagram these days all the posts are about how sad all the mothers are that summer is over and the kids have to go back to school. They will miss them so much and all the fun things they all did together over the Summer. There are images after images of delighted back to school shopping and first day of school pictures.

It's such a different generation.

I decided to try and sell my Pixel C. I went to Amazon - my preferred marketplace - and learned my account had been deactivated. Probably because I hadn't used it enough. I had heard they were eliminating sellers and clamping down on products available for resell. I was directed to send an email so I did - asking for reinstatement. We shall see. There are other places I could sell it but I can get the best price and sell it fastest on Amazon so I hope they let me back in.

Today and tomorrow and, likely Wednesday, will be bad air days. They say. It looks bad out - very smokey - but the nums aren't horrible. Still. I'm not going anywhere. Again. I don't have any place I need to go - besides the pool - so it's fine, really. I can hang til Thursday.

My TiVo is down to under 10%. That's a record for me. Usually, I'm worried that I'll run out of space on the hard drive. I have some stuff stored on the bedroom TiVo but it's mostly just movies that I'll probably never watch. In fact, most of the little that is left on the main TiVo is stuff I'll actually delete without watching. It looks like the next 6 weeks will be Acorn and Netflix. Which is fine. And plenty.
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